Attend Dental Implant Workshhops

Plain And Simple Surgical
and Prosthetic Implant Solutions

Drs. Smiler and Smilanich present a progressive learning experience through hands-on surgical and prosthetic workshops. These engaging lectures and modular learning sessions focus on the latest and most innovative techniques for bone grafts, implant placement, prosthetics, and laboratory procedures to guide you through all stages of successful implant treatment.

Grow your dental practice by doing high quality dental implants.


  • Biomechanical considerations of treatment planning for multiple implants

  • Biotype and success of esthetic restorations

  • Diagnosis and treatment of lost vertical dimension

  • Extraction and immediate implant placement

  • Socket preservation techniques using graft procedures

  • Grafts to gain vertical height and/or horizontal width

  • Lateral window versus crestal approach sinus lift graft

  • Tunnel graft to provide adequate bone width

  • Piezo surgery for bone and implants

  • Centrifuge to obtain concentrated growth factors

  • Aesthetic anterior/posterior implant-supported restorations

  • Reconstruction over 2, 4, 6, 8 positioned implants

  • Overdentures, locator attachments, mini-implants

  • Full-arch advanced provisionalization and prosthetic reconstruction

  • Techniques for retrieving broken screws and implants How to avoid malpractice and negligence

This series of workshops, taught by innovators in the field of dental implants, will make your practice implant-ready while you earn continuing education credit!